Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Adoption Fundraiser #2: Auction/Raffle

Greetings to my followers, here's another update. With adoption comes many responses (yes, I know we are just at the beginning of our journey, so we have only seen a glimpse of what's to come). Many people have been so very supportive and giving of words of affirmation and encouragement! Feels so good to have a support system behind us! We have also already gotten some silly questions and experienced ppl not so supportive. We were and are still prepared that not everyone has the heart for adoption, nor understands what a blessing it is. The human part of us longs for complete support from all, but not realistic by any means. We started this journey seeking the support and approval of one, God. He is the one that planted this seed and He is the one who will see it to completion. We whole heartedly believe this as His calling for our family! So our prayer remains that God would lead us in this process and prepare our family's hearts to provide a home and family to that precious little girl. We pray he would give us wisdom and strength for the journey ahead. There will be lots of people impacted by this adoption and we pray that our families and friends hearts are prepared as well to love this babe as they love our sons! For some, that's a tall order... good thing God is in the business of doing big things ;)

Now onto the auction. We have had several business owners already graciously donate products and services and man is that such a blessing. **EDIT- Thanks to a friend who has traveled the adoption fundraising road... raffles are not an option. So it will indeed be an auction. ** Besides, who doesn't love the excitement of a live auction?!? Here's a list of what we have and what we are still looking for... if you or anyone you know is interested in donating, send them our way!

Bags and Accessories
Thirty-One: Gift Basket
Still looking for one more person/company for this category

Looking for one or two people/companiesf or this category

Mary Kay Skincare System
Roden + Fields Mini Facial & Cert. for product

Haircut & Style
Still looking for a color service

Photography (FULL CATEGORY)
Obscura Photography: Free session & CD
Rachel Rhinehart: Free session & CD

Baked Goods
Cupcakes by Julie

One rep committed, item not specified

Looking for a mani
Looking for a pedi

Cookware/Kitchen Utensils
Princess House Cookware
Still looking for Pampered Chef or like company

*We are also looking for several items to make various themed baskets and big ticket items. Any business that is unable to donate a product/service, gift cards are welcomes to purchase some of these items. If you are interested in donating but your category is full, please contact me and we can find a way to get you plugged in to the event! If you are interested in donating and your product/service isn't listed above please let me know and we will get you plugged in as well! Thanks again for all those who have been so encouraging, we love you all and couldn't be more thankful to have you along side us!

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  1. Just out of curiosity, why could you not do a raffle? We are planning a similar event, and we thought a raffle would be the best way to go. I'd love to hear what changed your mind. TIA!