Monday, November 4, 2013

Alright y'all, here's my raw, honest confessions. This is the story of shutting down of the facebook. I have thought about it time and time again, but never actually followed thru with it. Various reasons flood my head. Facebook's always changing privacy settings (that no one actually reads, lets be honest) is a big one. People keep posting how FB owns your pics and blah blah blah. I post a lot of pics of my kiddos and I don't want anyone to own them but me (so why did I put them on the internet?!?) Then there's the time that is spent checking FB to see what else has been posted... like a lot has changed in 15, 20 or even an hour later.

Without realizing it, FB tends to make me compare myself to others and feel like I don't measure up, i'm not as good of a mom as all my amazing friends that homeschool and juggle everything perfectly. I'm not getting as many likes/comments (how ridiculous is that?) as others or other nonsense. Basically it isn't good for my heart right now overall!

One of our pastors challenged us to fast from something last week to better allow ourselves to spend more intentional time in prayer or reading the Bible. I chose to take FB off my phone... this was a big deal guys! And so very embarrassing to admit how hard that was. The first day I sat in the waiting room at the dr office and literally didn't know what to do with myself as I waited. I pulled my phone out of my purse I don't know how many times out of habit only to put it right back in... forcing myself not to surf the internet to entertain myself. Over and over again, the 30-40 min wait seemed like forever and that folks it what opened my eyes. I prayed over and over again that God would teach me how to "be still and know that He is God." This is something I have become VERY poor at.

I get so frustrated with E at times bc he is constantly asking to watch a show. A lot of times I end up snapping back at him that he doesn't need to watch TV all day... that he can watch a show after nap (his normal TV time). But today as I talked with a friend, it was so clear to me that I am teaching him the constant need to be entertained. How many times a day does he see me texting, checking FB, checking instagram, changing pandora stations... or any other task that puts phone in hand? I am leading by example and the example I have given him lately is a need to be entertained... always.

Rather than giving my boys that example, I want to teach him to be still (good luck, right?!) and know that He is God. So how do I do this? First step is to unplug, to retrain myself... I need to relearn how to be still, how to enjoy the quiet and how to use that time to be in prayer.

I have felt like a busy mess lately... like there aren't enough hours in the day to get everything done. Here's to unplugging and re-prioritizing!! This post is probably a jumbled mess and some of you may want to defriend me in life (cause you won't be able to on FB after today) but that's pretty much how my brain has felt lately... jumbled.

I think I will attempt, once again, to blog. No clue on the frequency, but I will attempt. LOL I don't want blogging to take the place of FB as a time sucker, so it may be a monthly update... but it would provide those who want to see pics of the boys to get their fix ;) So save my blog and check back!

My challenge to you... take a day to abstain from social media, phones, ipads... whatever your time sucker is. Take a day away and see how hard it is... or easy for some of the more perfect ppl ;) Anyone dare share their experience?