Thursday, September 27, 2012

This whole mother of two thing keeps me BUSY! Especially when C thinks the plan for the day is to scream! But thankfully those days are lessening in frequency and we have some happy days in between :) I have been awful at keeping track of all the new things, funny things or simply crazy things that happen in the house, so today I think I'll recap some of my favorite of Eli's saying within the past few months.

E is the most polite lil man I know!! He says thank you for everything and when you tell him thank you, he always replies with "errr elcome!" He also loves to say bless you and when he makes silly mistakes, he quickly says "oh sorry (mom/dad/whoever is around), sorry" with a grin on his face.

His newest trick, which is VERY hard to keep a straight face with, is to wink at you when he is in trouble. REALLY?!? To see his lil face wrinkle up and concentrate so hard to just close one eye, it's impossible to stay serious. Sometimes he winks at me just cause, and boy does it make my heart smile! Something about a girl getting a wink from a boy she loves so dearly... first from Andrew, now from my boy and a few years down the road from C man too. That makes for one joyful momma!

Eli used to call his Aunt Laura "Urla" and I sure do miss hearing that!

He is very in to time and EVERYTHING happened "last night." With all that actions "last night," you'd think the boy would sleep great at night... but that's a different story. And it is pure excitement when at night when we talk about the things we can do tomorrow or in Eli's words "when the sun comes up."

"yesterday I was eating my food last night when the sun came up"

E loves putting his hands in his pockets, but most of all he loves to put his phone in his pocket just like Pops. Well in attempts to get him to put his underwear on correctly, I told him the "pocket" needs to go in the front. (I'm a girl and have NO clue what to call the opening in boys underwear!) Having said that, the other day I asked Eli if the pocket was in the front to which he replied "Yep, I have to put my phone in the pocket." HAHAHAHA A few days later when asked the same question, he said "Yep, we put our hands in our pocket." Not that pocket Eli, not that pocket ;)

Eli is starting to be able to pray on his own and give thanks for things that happened that day, rather than us having to pray for him. We have the "norm" people we pray for, but he has been adding people to the list on his own :)

The kid sings NON STOP! In fact, I think the only time he is quiet is when he's sleeping. LOL

Church is one exciting place to be! He asks to go almost everyday and doesn't want to leave when we do go.

I can't tell you how many times a day I tell Bub that I love him. And my favorite response of his is "I love you to Mommy, so very much!"

"I can't believe you got these clothes at the store clothes shop! I love them! I am so proud of you mommy!"

If he is excited about something, he is likely to spout "I can't believe it, oh thank you!"

All too often, when he doesn't want to go to sleep, he will ask me "mommy, you want to nuggle?" This is hard for me! I know he will only be little for a short while and I want to take advantage of the snuggles while he still wants to... but in my gut I know I can't always :(